Board of Directors

Members of the Covenant Care Services Board of Directors

The leadership of Covenant Care Services is entrusted to our Board of Directors. Our Board meets bi-monthly and provides broad leadership and oversight to the ministry. Current Board members are:

  • Jana Abbott
  • Valerie Abrams
  • Sharon Anderson
  • Kevin Bridges
  • Brian Corrigan
  • Julian Earls, Jr., M.D.
  • J. Bruce Jones
  • Jo Betsy Kinser
  • Bruce Leicht
  • Bailey Mitchell, Ph.D.
  • Susan Mitchell
  • Karol Moore
  • Sandra Neal
  • Allison Newman, M.D.
  • Cindy Scott
  • Christopher Steele

Why do you serve on the CCS Board of Directors?

“I love the Lord and have a passion for babies and their forever families. I serve on the Board of Covenant Care because God is clearly at work here in a way that so clearly connects with that passion. This is a ministry in which godliness, community, and service come together with fervor and with love.” – Jana Abbott

“I serve on the CCS Board because God has given me such a burden for unborn children and for couples that are unable to have children for whatever reason. I praise the Lord for the work that God is doing in Christian adoption through Covenant Care!” –Sharon Anderson

“I serve on the CCS Board because ‘little is much when God is in it.’ This ministry matches children with adoptive parents who will raise them ‘in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.’ This ‘little’ Christ-centered work will leave a lasting, heavenly mark upon these children and their children for generations to come.” – Shane Gottwals

“I have a personal testimony of being a young birthmother many years ago faced with my own unplanned pregnancy, but I did not have any counsel or a ministry like CCS to come alongside me. Because of this personal experience I was delighted to serve on the Board of CCS when I was asked. Most importantly, I serve on the Board because God is the one who opened these doors, having clearly called me when He saved me. He gave me a compelling passion to serve young birthmothers with the love, hope and promise of a new life in Christ, and to help them see God’s plan and purpose for the life of their unborn babies.” – Susan Mitchell

“I serve on the CCS Board of Directors because I want to leave an impact on the future, and the future is our children. To work with other Christians and serve in this ministry is an opportunity that I am delighted to have. Psalm 139:13-14” – Jimmy Walters

“Having been adopted myself by loving, Christian parents, I am honored to serve on the Board of CCS. Our community is blessed to have such a ministry that provides two-parent, Christian homes for babies along with unconditional love and support for birthmothers and adoptive parents.” – Hope Wilson