Common Questions from Adopting Families

Can I adopt through CCS if I live outside of Georgia?

At this time we are only accepting applications from adoptive families who live in the state of Georgia. The only exception we are making is for African American couples who have complete and current home studies.

What if we need just a home study? Does CCS provide contract services?

CCS is not providing contract home study services at this time.

How long until we have a baby in our home?

Our birthmothers choose the couple for their child, so a specific time frame is impossible to predict. Remember, the more willing you are to consider different situations, the more often your profile will be shown to birthmothers.

How many birthmothers do you work with at one time?

CCS works with an average of 150 birthmothers per year. Young women contact us at many different points in their pregnancy so the number of women ready to deliver changes frequently.

How many families are currently waiting for a placement?

At any given time, there are approximately 30 home study approved families waiting for a placement.

Will I know every time my profile is shown to a birthmother?

No. There are many factors our caseworkers consider when showing profiles to a birthmother. CCS works to protect couples from the emotional toll experienced when they know their profile is shown.

What happens when I become connected with a birthmother who is not working with CCS?

If you become connected with a birthmother independent of CCS and she expresses a desire to place her child with you, encourage her to contact CCS so we can offer her counseling services. If she makes an adoption plan it will be a designated adoption as detailed in the pre-application.

Can I work with agencies other than CCS?

Yes, we encourage couples to be proactive in their adoption journey as well as inform us when they are matched with another agency.

Can I adopt an older child through CCS?

Occasionally we are involved with situations where there is a need for an older child to be adopted. However, given our mission of serving women experiencing unplanned pregnancies, the majority of children placed for adoption through CCS are infants.

Do we have to attend the Informational Meetings?

Yes, you and your spouse must attend the Training Sessions (Part I and Part II) to be eligible to adopt through CCS.

When are the Training Sessions held?

Typically these trainings are held twice a year. They are divided into the Spring Training Group and the Fall Training Group. The Spring Training Group is usually in March/April, and the Fall Training Group is usually in September/October.

How many meetings are in Macon that we must attend?

Both required Training Sessions are conducted in Macon. You will also be required to meet with your caseworker at least twice at our office in Macon, as scheduled by you and your caseworker.

May we bring our child(ren) to the Training Sessions or to meetings with our caseworker?

No, childcare is not provided at any of these meetings. We ask that you not bring your child(ren) with you so that both you and your spouse are able to be fully engaged in these meetings without interruption.

When will we be assigned a caseworker?

You will be assigned a caseworker after attending both parts of the required training and submitting your formal application fee.