Common Questions from Birthmothers

Here are answers to some of the most common questions from our clients. If you have other questions, please contact us.

When do I have to decide if I am going to make an adoption plan?

The earlier you consider adoption, the more time you have to work through the process; however you cannot sign any legal paperwork regarding your adoption until 24 hours after you give birth to your baby. At that point the State of Georgia allows you 10 days during which you can still change your mind.

Is there a fee for me to meet with you?

No. Services to women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy are free.

Will I have to come to your office or can you come to where I am?

We have caseworkers that are based in strategic locations throughout Georgia and will travel to wherever you are. The caseworker will meet you in your home, a restaurant, the library, or wherever you are most comfortable.

If I meet with you, do I have to make an adoption plan?

No. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about your child’s future. If you choose to parent, we want to be sure that you are connected to the resources you need to be the best parent!

Will the birthfather have to know/will I have to contact him?

Yes, the birthfather needs to be notified of your desire to make an adoption plan. Typically the caseworker can do this for you or with you. We desire to have him involved in the process as well as obtain social/medical information to pass on to the adoptive family.

How involved can I be in choosing the adoptive family?

We want you to choose the family! Once we have an understanding of the circumstances of your pregnancy, we will gather a group of adoptive family profiles together for you to review. This group consists of families that are ready to adopt and match the desires you have expressed. Most adoptions through Covenant Care would be defined as “semi-open” where you choose a family and likely get to meet them prior to delivery. We share non-identifying information with both you and the adoptive family so that you can begin a relationship. The family will continue to share updates and photos with you and may even have meetings set for you to visit with them in the first few years after the placement.

Can I send things to my child after adoption?

You can send letters and updates and occasional gifts for the family to share with your child. A letter may sound very simple, but it is a way for you to share your feelings so that your child will have a growing understanding of who you are.

What kind of families desire to adopt through Covenant Care?

Our families have to meet strict guidelines in order to be approved to adopt through Covenant Care. We look at the couple’s background checks, financial history, and medical evaluations and visit their home. We also have their family members, pastor and employers submit reference letters. These families will be licensed to adopt by the standards of the State of Georgia.

What if I already know the couple that I would like to adopt my baby?

We have a lot of great couples that are ready to adopt. However, if we are already working with you then you can refer that couple to us and we can help with that adoption plan. A couple that you have met on your own would still have to meet our eligibility requirements.

What kind of help can I get with living expenses?

We do the best we can to first connect you with local community resources. If we do assist with living expenses, the payment goes directly to the payee.

Will you help me tell others about my adoption plan?

Often times a woman considering adoption does not have very many cheerleaders. Your caseworker will help you work through the decision process and once you are ready to share your decision with others, she can help you tell them. She can be there with you to answer questions and be an advocate for you when others are not providing support.

Will you still be here for me if I decide to keep my baby?

​We will do the best we can to support you through your journey, whether it involves adoption or not. ​I​f you decide to parent your​ child, then we could help you to connect with local community resources to best prepare for that huge responsibility.