We understand that your interest in adoption is driven, in one way or another, by a desire to grow your family. Whatever the circumstances that have brought you to this point, you are eager to welcome a child into your home. As we work with you we want to understand your circumstances and hear what you desire from the adoption process.

At the same time, our philosophy is that we do not find children for families, but rather find families for children. Our first concern is to see that each child we serve is provided for in the best way possible given his or her individual needs.

We do not require our waiting families to work with us exclusively. Rather, we encourage each family to pursue additional adoption avenues in order to maximize opportunities to adopt.

We have four initial eligibility requirements in order for you to begin the adoption process:

  1. Both husband and wife must be between the ages of 25 and 45.
  2. If this is a first marriage, you must be married at least three years, or if it is a second or subsequent marriage, at least five years.
  3. Both husband and wife must be professing Christians and regularly-attending members of the same evangelical church. They must be in agreement with our Statement of Faith.
  4. If you have children in your home, your youngest child must be at least 15 months old prior to beginning the adoption process with CCS. If you are returning to adopt again or received a home assessment from another agency, your youngest child must be 18 months old.  If you have previously adopted an older child, that child must have been in your home for twelve months before beginning the process again.