Meet Your Caseworker

Our caseworkers are based in strategic locations throughout Georgia and will travel to wherever you are. Your caseworker will meet you in your home, a restaurant, the library, or at one of our offices – wherever you are most comfortable.

We promise that we will never pressure you through your decision-making process. Your caseworker will be interested in developing a trusting, supportive relationship with you whether you choose to make an adoption plan or to parent.

You can contact your caseworker directly by phone using the information below. You can also e-mail your caseworker using the form on our Contact page, or call our office any time of day or night at 1-800-226-5683.



Meg Brown, MSW
Metro Atlanta and Northwest Georgia (red region of map): Meg came to Covenant Care in 2010 after working with an adoption ministry in another state. Contact Meg at 404-279-0955.
Callie Chartrau, MA
Athens and Augusta (blue & purple regions of map): Callie joined our team in 2012 and serves women in Athens-Clarke County and throughout Northeast Georgia. You can call Callie at 706-296-2233.
Jennifer Adams, BA
Macon and Middle Georgia (green regions of map): Jennifer joined our staff in 2015. She is serves women in the Macon/Middle Georgia area. Contact Jennifer at 478-731-4565.
Leah Hayes, MS
Valdosta and Southwest Georgia(yellow regions of map): Leah serves women in the Valdosta area as well as the Southwest region of the state. She joined our staff in 2015. Contact Leah at 229-375-4041.
lisa Lisa Tweed
Savannah and Southeast Georgia (orange region of map): Lisa joined the staff in April 2016 and serves the Coastal and Southeast region of the state. Contact Lisa at 912-401-4840.