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Adoptive Mother

Education: Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Employment: Ultrasound

Hobbies: DIY furniture painting, crafts around the house, organizing, drinking coffee, fun hair colors, and going to the beach

Personality: Loving, empathetic, hardworking, good listener, sincere, fun, independent, and trustworthy

Unique Family Characteristics: Rebekah's parent's have been married 47 years. Her family loves to get together for as many holidays and birthdays as they can. They love having barbeque on Christmas day every year.

Adoptive Father

Education: College

Employment: Roofing Supply Company

Hobbies: All things baseball (especially the Atlanta Braves), sport video games, movies, community with friends and family

Personality: Passionate, goofy/funny, creative, energetic, generous, fun, supportive, trustworthy, dependable, and loving/kind heart

Unique Family Characteristics: Brandon was raised in a Jewish home as a child, before becoming a Christian when he was a teenager. Brandon also has family from and currently living in South Africa. Brandon also has a great DJ voice.