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Adoptive Mother

Education: Masters in Education

Employment: Stay at home mom, former teacher

Hobbies: Spending time with family/friends, traveling, exercising, & reading.

Personality: Optimistic, patient, loyal, giving, encouraging.

Unique Family Characteristics: Amanda has a close extended family. Her older brother is married with four boys. They have strong family traditions, including an annual family vacation to the beach. Her grandparents have been married over 60 years and her parents more than 40 years.

Adoptive Father

Education: Bachelors in Aeronautics

Employment: Operations Manager

Hobbies: Fishing, boating, exercising, GoPro videoing, UGA football.

Personality: Hard working, active, trustworthy, leader, determined.

Unique Family Characteristics: Brian lives in the town he grew up in and his parents live only 15 minutes away. They have been married over 40 years. His younger sister is a nurse and lives close by as well.