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Adoptive Mother

Education: Masters Degree in Music Education

Employment: Part-time piano teacher

Hobbies: playing piano, singing, working with children, couponing and saving money, spending time with family and friends

Personality: sensitive, empathetic, caring, compassionate, loving, organized, detail- oriented

Unique Family Characteristics: Keller has one younger brother. They were both home schooled and played music and sports growing up. Keller's family is still very close and loves playing games.

Adoptive Father

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication

Employment: Production Director / Radio Host

Hobbies: music, hunting, baseball, cooking, politics

Personality: outgoing, funny, strong-willed, leader, spontaneous, fun, playful

Unique Family Characteristics: Grew up in a military family, traveled many places. One older sister and one older brother.