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Adoptive Mother

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies and English

Employment: Stay at home mom

Hobbies: Enjoy playing tennis, going to the beach, getting together with friends, watching Grey's Anatomy, Blue Bloods, and Blacklist, playing or reading with Grayson, flying and travelling to new places, serving in the mission field overseas.

Personality: Can be reserved until she knows you well, love to laugh and have fun. Loyal & nurturing.

Unique Family Characteristics: My family loves game nights and big meals together.

Adoptive Father

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies

Employment: Pastor

Hobbies: He likes to joke and have fun. Enjoys woodworking, doing magic shows, skateboarding with Grayson, photography, going to see movies, watching Smarter Everyday or DudePerfect with Grayson.

Personality: Fun, outgoing, loving

Unique Family Characteristics: I am a magician.