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If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may be feeling confused, overwhelmed, and scared about what the future holds. During this difficult time, you need a support team to stand by you and help you. The advocates at Covenant Care want to be your support team. Whether you need financial assistance or someone to process your situation with you, we want to help. The Covenant Care adoption program is absolutely free for you, the birthparent. Through our counseling services, we will listen to your fears and wishes, and discuss with you potential options concerning your baby. Through our financial assistance program, we can help you pay your living expenses and medical bills.

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If you’re not ready to become a parent, adoption is a life-giving option. By choosing adoption, you are not giving up your baby, but rather making a loving plan for their future. This decision will empower you, knowing you made a brave choice in light of a difficult circumstance. We even want you to choose the perfect family for your baby!

While we believe adoption is an incredibly courageous and selfless choice, we will never pressure you to choose adoption. If you choose to parent your child, a Covenant Care advocate will help you create a parenting plan and answer all of your questions. And, no matter what decision you make, we will support and love you.

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Our Support Team Is Here to Help!

Our advocates are dedicated to helping you through your pregnancy and being your friend and advocate. We encourage you to ask your advocate any and every question that you have such as:

How could I ever give away my baby?

Adoption is not “giving away” your baby; it is one way to make a loving and responsible plan for your child’s future. There are countless women who have made the decision to place a child for adoption. These women have been where you are and know exactly what you’re going through. If you decide adoption is for you, we will support you through each step.

What will my friends and family think?

It can be hard to tell people about your adoption plan. Your advocate will help you work through the decision process, and once you’re ready to share your decision with others, she can help you tell them. She will be there with you to answer questions and be an advocate for you when others are not providing support.

How do I know my baby will be safe?

Our adoptive families undergo rigorous screening that includes background checks, references from pastors, friends, and family and interviews with our advocate team. Your child will be loved, cared for, and safe with whichever family you choose.

Is there an adoptive family who wants to adopt my baby?

Yes! There are often so many families wanting to adopt that we have a waiting list to even start the process. Your Birthmother Advocate will show you families who are a fit for your specific situation.

Will my child know that I love him or her?

Yes! You can send letters, updates, and occasional gifts for the family to share with your child. A letter may sound very simple, but it is a wonderful way for you to share your feelings and help your child grow in understanding of who you are.

Will my child know that he or she is adopted?

We believe that children have a right to know their own stories. We require that all of our adoptive families make a plan to tell their child their adoption story as they grow and mature. We discuss this in detail with adoptive families during the approval process.

If you have more questions, we are here to help you! Covenant Care counsels you during pregnancy and after adoption. Our advocates help you work through physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Your advocate wants to develop a trusting, supportive relationship with you whether you choose adoption or not. Ultimately, we want to show you that Christ loves and cares about you. Text or call us at 912-250-6220 to be connected to an advocate near you.

Call us at 912-250-6220 to connect with one of our advocates.

What does an adoption plan entail?

  • You decide the openness of the adoption
  • You can meet (and choose!) the adoptive family
  • Referrals to community resources
  • No cost to you
  • Assistance with living and medical expenses
  • Pictures of your child as they grow up
  • Post-adoption counseling

  • This is to help us get you connected with the caseworker that is closest to you.

Connect with an advocate anywhere in Georgia by calling us at 912-250-6220.


I was able to choose the family that my child was going to.


You're not giving up anything, you're providing life.


I felt so alone and thought I had to keep it a secret. I felt like I had to hide my life.


The first choice that came to mind when I found out my daughter was pregnant was abortion.


Adoption is not a selfish act, but a selfless act.


Placing for adoption is a lot of love.


Through CCS, I've been welcomed into a community where adoption is a good thing and is celebrated.


The only option I thought I had was abortion.


I knew that I had a lot of support emotionally from Covenant Care.


I love my child and I didn't give her up. I let her go. There is a difference.


Adoption is something you do out of love because you want to give your child something better.


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