The Process

Step 1

Contact the Covenant Care office to request a Pre-Application packet. Return the completed packet to Covenant Care.

Step 2

Prospective Adoptive Families are required by Georgia law to have criminal background clearances from the GBI and the FBI. All other household members 18 and over are also required to complete these clearances.  Please wait for instructions from our office personnel concerning this procedure. You will receive instructions with plenty of time to complete prior to training.

Step 3

Attend a Covenant Care Training Session with approximately 10 to 15 other families to understand more thoroughly what adoption with CCS looks like. We typically have 2 groups of Training Sessions each year.

Please contact the office to obtain a pre-application. The Spring 2016 training is full. Please submit a completed Pre-Application if you wish to be considered for the Fall 2016 training.

Crucial to a healthy adoption experience is for each family to participate in our Information Training Meetings for adoptive families. Each family will understand what is required of them as they journey through the adoption process and will attend two meetings (Part I & Part II). They will hear testimonies from adoptive couples, birth parents and staff as they explain the different types of adoption experiences.

Step 4

After attending these meetings, you will begin the Home Assessment process if you do not already have a current Home Assessment from a licensed, child placing agency. Depending on the caseworker’s and the couple’s availability, it typically takes up to 6 months to complete a Home Assessment. At least one office visit is required with your caseworker if you already have a Home Assessment.

Step 5

Complete your portfolio of pictures and your birth parent letter so your Adoptive Family Profile can be available to our birth mothers.

Step 6

As each family completes this process through Covenant Care, please feel free to pursue other agencies or other adoption avenues that may be available.

Step 7

Adoptive Family Profiles are previewed by prospective birth parents that choose the family for their child. An Adoptive Family is not usually aware of when their profile is shown to birthmothers, but will be informed as the process moves forward.

Step 8

Your caseworker will help you navigate the waiting period and will thoroughly equip you with the knowledge you will need to proceed once you have been chosen by a birthmother. CCS believes that the best adoption experiences are always tailored to fit the needs of the adopted child first and foremost.

Step 9

Depending on the type of adoptive placement the birthmother has chosen and with the agreement of the adoptive family, visitation prior to delivery may occur.

Step 10

After a child has been placed with you, Covenant Care arranges monthly supervision of the adoptive placement until the Petition to Adopt is filed.

Step 11

Finalization of the adoptive placement usually occurs within 2 months of the adoptive family’s attorney’s filing the Petition to Adopt. The entire adoption process after placement takes 4 to 6 months.

Step 12

Covenant Care is continually available to all adoptive families seeking our services, before, during and after the placement of a child in their home. Our commitment to our adoptive families includes being available to them to help with issues related to parenting an adopted child.