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Abortion Isn’t the Only Option

Being pregnant can be very overwhelming and scary, especially if having a baby wasn’t part of your plan. We have talked with many pregnant women who felt like they were completely alone and didn’t know what to do. Many of these women thought that their only option was having an abortion.

You may feel like abortion is the only way out. But, we are so glad to tell you that there are other options. We’d love to introduce you to Katie, Emily, and Jada. These three brave women also thought that abortion was their only option. But, they learned about adoption, and each woman chose to create an adoption plan for her baby instead of having an abortion.

Before making a rushed decision, would you spend just 10 minutes hearing their stories? They stood in your shoes and struggled with some of the same things you’re struggling with. They were scared, confused, and alone. But, they found hope and life through adoption.

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Katie’s Story

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was really scared and upset because I was a senior in high school. Having a child was not in my plan at that time.

The only option I thought I had was abortion. Being 18, I didn’t want a kid. I thought abortion was an easy fix. If I had an abortion, I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about the baby anymore. I wouldn’t have to tell anyone. It would be my little secret.

I really only thought my option was abortion until I went to a health clinic and I asked one of the nurses. She told me I had other options and that’s when I first heard about adoption.

I thought to myself, adoption makes a lot of sense. I can do this. I am able to still bring life into the world, and I’m still able to love, and I’m still able to have all the things that I’d planned out for my life anyway, with just this one minor change. Adoption changed me forever, in a good way.

I love my baby so much, she is so beautiful and she means the world to me. Her smile and seeing her makes my heart just absolutely melt. It makes my decision to create an adoption plan instead of having an abortion that much better and that much more reaffirming to me.

Adoption is a loving decision.

Jada’s Story

The first choice that came to mind when my daughter was pregnant was abortion. At that time, I didn’t know about adoption as an option.

I didn’t want to put my son through something, just because I wasn’t ready.

With adoption, you’re not giving up anything, you’re providing life. Adoption is not a selfish act that the mother is doing, but a selfless act that the mother is doing.

We can peak into that world, and know that he’s okay. And let him grow and be nourished by the wonderful family he’s been gifted to.

Adoption changed my life in a good way because I can still do what I wanted to do while I’m still young.

Emily’s Story

I felt like I had to keep my pregnancy a secret. I thought, “What am I going to do now and how did I get myself into this situation?

I felt like abortion was the only option, or to try to raise this baby on my own and I was just very scared. He tried to take me to the abortion clinic 3 times and I just felt in my soul that I couldn’t do that.

I have been clean now for 11 months and it turned my entire life around for the better. This baby is what saved my life.