Pregnant? We Can Help

Process & Requirements

process-imageThank you for considering growing your family through adoption! Whatever circumstances brought you to this decision, you are eager to welcome a child into your home and we are eager to help. As we work with you, we want to understand your circumstances and hear what you desire from the adoption process.

At the same time, our philosophy is that we do not find children for families, but rather find families for children. Our first concern is to see that each child we serve is provided for in the best way possible given his or her individual needs.


Eligibility Requirements

We have four initial eligibility requirements in order for you to begin the adoption process:

  1. Both husband and wife must be between the ages of 25 and 48.
  2. If this is a first marriage, you must be married at least three years. If it is a second or subsequent marriage, at least five years.
  3. Both husband and wife must be professing Christians and regularly-attending members of the same evangelical church. They must be in agreement with our Statement Of Faith.
  4. If you have children in your home, your youngest child must be at least 15 months old prior to beginning the adoption process with CCS. If you are returning to adopt again or received a home assessment from another agency, your youngest child must be 18 months old. If you have previously adopted an older child, that child must have been in your home for twelve months before beginning the process again.



Please keep in mind that this is a general outline of the process you can expect from your adoption. Your unique situation may differ from what is explained below.

Step One: Complete a Pre-Application

After contacting Covenant Care and discussing your interest in adoption, if you meet our basic eligibility requirements, we will send you a pre-application.

Step Two: Review of Pre-Application

We will review your completed pre-application within 7-10 days.  After it has been accepted we will invite you to attend our adoptive couple training. This is a two day in person training that takes place in Macon.

Step Three: Formal Application

After you attend the two day in person training we will send you the formal application and background clearances that you complete at your own pace.

Step Four: Home Study

This process can take up to three months to complete depending on the caseworker’s availability, your availability, and whether or not you already have a current home assessment.

Step Five: Portfolio

Once your home study is complete and you are moved to our home study ready list you will complete a portfolio of pictures, letters, and information about your family. This is what the birthmother will look through when she creates her adoption plan.

Step Six: Waiting

Your profile is previewed by a birthmother. You will usually not be notified every time a birthmother views your profile. Your caseworker helps you navigate the waiting period and thoroughly equips you with the knowledge you need to proceed once you have been chosen by a birthmother. CCS believes that the best adoption experiences are always tailored to fit the needs of the adopted child first and foremost.

Step Seven: Birthmother Meeting

If the birthmother would like to meet you before the adoption, visitation prior to delivery may occur.

Step Eight: Placement Day!

Your child is placed with you for adoption! While each situation is unique, placement often happens after the birthmother’s four day revocation period has ended, when a newborn child is about a week old.

Step Nine: Post-Placement Visits

After a child has been placed with you, Covenant Care arranges monthly supervision of the adoptive placement until the Petition to Adopt is filed.

Step Ten: Finalization

Finalization of the adoptive placement usually occurs within two months of the adoptive family’s attorney filing the Petition to Adopt. The entire adoption process after placement usually takes four to six months.

Step Eleven: Post-Adoption

Covenant Care is continually available to all adoptive families seeking our services before, during, and after the placement of a child in their home. Our commitment to our adoptive families includes being available to them to help with issues related to parenting an adopted child.