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Post-Adoption Support


Making the decision to place your child for adoption is never an easy one. We know what a unique and challenging journey this can be, and our community of support will be here for you even after the adoption is finalized.




We care about you and we will be here for you as long as you need us.

  • You will continue to have access to your counselor after the adoption is completed, at no cost to you.
  • You will be welcomed into a community of support where you’ll meet adoption professionals, volunteers, and other birthparents who love you and care about you.
  • You will have access to post-adoption birthparent retreats and get-togethers through the “Our Shoes” ministry.

What is the “Our Shoes” ministry?

“Our Shoes” is Covenant Care’s post-adoption support ministry that connects you with other birthparents in your area. All Our Shoes events are offered at no cost to you thanks to our generous donors. Even if you made an adoption plan through another agency or attorney, you are welcomed in our community!

You’ll be able to have fun, connect, and grow with others who have walked in your shoes and understand exactly what you’re going through. The ministry empowers birthparents to build a community of support to encourage one another and help each other.

With Covenant Care you’ll never be left alone — we will be here for you!

Upcoming Events: Check our calendar for upcoming “Our Shoes” events!

Join Our Community: To  connect with other women and men who have placed a child for adoption, text or call Loren Rae Grace (912)-401-4840, or e-mail