We Can Help

Finding out that you’re pregnant can be a scary and overwhelming time. You’re suddenly faced with a lot of decisions and it is hard to weigh each option while ensuring you and your baby get the care you both need. Call 1-866-813-8655 to learn how we can help you.

We Help by Advocating for You

Your caseworker acts as your advocate and friend. No matter where you are in Georgia, one of our caseworkers will travel to you and gladly meet you wherever you are most comfortable: at your home, a restaurant, a park, a coffee shop, or anywhere else.

We never pressure you to make a certain decision about your baby. Your caseworker wants to develop a trusting, supportive relationship with you whether you choose adoption or not. If you choose adoption, your caseworker helps you design an adoption plan that fits your needs. Most adoptions through Covenant Care are semi-open, meaning that you choose the family who will adopt your baby.

We Help by Connecting You to Resources

learn-how-we-can-help-imageWhatever your situation, we connect you to resources that will help you. If you need help finding a job, applying for college, or receiving your GED, your caseworker helps you through those processes. Some of the resources we can point you toward include:

  • Pregnancy centers
  • Medical clinics or doctors
  • Shelters or hotels
  • Rehab or treatment facilities
  • Maternity homes
  • Local churches
  • Daycare for other children you have

We Help by Educating You on All Your Options

When you become pregnant we are aware that you have several options to consider: parenting, adoption, or abortion. Your caseworker will discuss how making an adoption plan is a positive and life-affirming option that allows you to care for your baby by planning for his or her future. If you choose adoption, your caseworker ensures that your adoption plan is carried out according to your wishes to the best of our ability.

If you choose parenting, your caseworker helps you work through the process of making a plan to prepare for this lifelong journey. We will help you understand the parenting commitment and will point you to resources that can assist you on this journey. Because we believe that each life is uniquely created by God, we do not encourage abortion and do not provide abortion support or referrals.

We Help by Counseling You

Covenant Care counsels you during pregnancy and after adoption. Our caseworkers help you work through physical needs as well as emotional or spiritual needs. Ultimately, we want to show you that Christ loves and cares about you.

After adoption, we stay in touch to help you though the grieving process. Covenant Care’s Our Shoes ministry supports you for months or even years after making your adoption plan. Through this ministry, you can connect with other women who chose adoption, and our caseworkers continue to support you. Our desire to serve you does not end when your baby is born.