Pregnant? We Can Help

Pregnant? We Can Help!

Finding out that you’re pregnant can be a scary and overwhelming time. You’re suddenly faced with a lot of decisions and it is hard to weigh each option while ensuring you and your baby get the care you both need.

No matter where you are in Georgia, one of our friendly caseworkers will travel to you and gladly meet you wherever you are most comfortable. If you choose adoption, your caseworker helps you design an adoption plan that fits your needs. Adoption through Covenant Care is a FREE service for you!

What does an adoption plan entail?

  • You decide the openness of the adoption
  • You can meet (and choose!) the adoptive family
  • Referrals to community resources
  • No cost to you
  • Assistance with living expenses
  • Receive pictures of your child as they grow up

We know you have so many questions and we want to answer all of them.

Connect with a caseworker or call us at 866-813-8655!

What are your options?

When you become pregnant, we are aware that you have several options to consider: adoption, parenting, or abortion.

Our Support Team Is Here to Help!

Our caseworkers are dedicated to helping you through your pregnancy and being your friend and advocate. We encourage you to ask your caseworker any and every question that you have such as:

  • How do I know my baby will be safe?
  • Is there an adoptive family who wants to adopt my baby?
  • Will my child know that I love him or her?
  • Will my child know that he or she is adopted?

Covenant Care counsels you during pregnancy and after adoption. Our caseworkers help you work through physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Your caseworker wants to develop a trusting, supportive relationship with you whether you choose adoption or not. Ultimately, we want to show you that Christ loves and cares about you.




I felt so alone and thought I had to keep it a secret. I felt like I had to hide my life.


Placing for adoption is a lot of love.


I was able to choose the family that my child was going to.


I love my child and I didn't give her up. I let her go. There is a difference.


The only option I thought I had was abortion


I knew that I had a lot of support emotionally from Covenant Care.


Through CCS, I've been welcomed into a community where adoption is a good thing and is celebrated.


The first choice that came to mind when I found out my daughter was pregnant was abortion.


Adoption is not a selfish act, but a selfless act.


Adoption is something you do out of love because you want to give your child something better.


You're not giving up anything, you're providing life.