Pregnant? We Can Help

by Stephen Story
Executive Director

I am writing not only as the director of Covenant Care, but also as an adoptive dad who has experienced first-hand the fruit of this ministry’s work. Financially this has been a challenging year for Covenant Care, and I am asking for your help.

This week we kick off our biggest fundraising effort of the year, our Annual Giving Campaign. I am asking you to consider a one-time gift or a monthly donation to help us reach our statewide goal of $200,000 for adoption between now and the end of the year.

You can help by texting GIVETOCCS to 41444, or by clicking here.

A gift to Covenant Care literally offers life in place of death. Every day in Georgia there are 98 abortions compared to only 5 adoptions. Our work is difficult but desperately needed. Our culture, our communities, and the people of Georgia all need to know that adoption is a real and accessible alternative to abortion. That’s what Covenant Care is all about.

Be watching your mailbox the next few days for our Annual Giving Campaign brochure. If you don’t receive one, just contact us with your address and we’ll be glad to send you one. In it you’ll read about Jada, one of our birthmoms who chose adoption instead of abortion. You’ll also read about the Covenant Care family she chose to adopt her baby, and the joy that their son brings to them.

You can donate by texting GIVETOCCS to 41444, or by clicking here.

And don’t forget about the other ways you can support Covenant Care this fall:

However you feel led to support Covenant Care this fall, thank you! We need your help these next few months, and you can give knowing that your donation is an investment in changing the lives of others for eternity.

Thank you for your support!